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And the winner is… Scuola Primaria G. Mameli di Recco

FAI, Italian Fund for the Environment, rewards the digital story made by the class 5D of the G. Mameli primary school from Recco (GE)

The winner of the “Scegli l’Italia” contest, promoted by FAI (Italian Fund for Environment), has been announced. The winning story was created in Recco following the trail of the IdigStories – Stories Educational Learning Facilities, and won the national prize dedicated to primary schools.
The teachers arranged a didactic trip in search of the beauty of Italy, dedicating particular attention to innovative routes, capable of truly telling the story of the places to visit, through experience and actively involving the students.
Last year the class visited the Walls of Barbarossa and the Towers of Porta Soprana in Genoa, and showed genuine curiosity and interest for the story of these places.
This is the reason why, after a short time, Coop Zoe offered the teacher an insight activity regarding the Idig Stories project.
This is how the Let’s find out more about the Walls of Barbarossa in Genoa video was done. The children became the narrators of their own experience, going over the story of the places they visited and telling it by using the photos they took and the 3d models created during the prearation of the video.
The FAI assigned the first award to their video because of the objectives accomplished by the class during the multidisciplinary work of producing and editing the digital story, which allowed the children to perform didactic activities in order to create props for their video, the production of which was also handled by them.