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The “I dig stories” project came to its conclusion. For all participating partners, it was a fantastic and wonderful adventure where we learned to use digital storytelling as a new method of work. We’ve tested it on us and our colleagues. We have developed the first complete Guide to digital storytelling methodology. We applied the lesson-learnt in many workshop that partners run in several European countries.

We received valuable advices from those who participated to the workshops. We built the toolkit with these feedback, in order to foster the practical application of digital storytelling, so that others can develop and conduct their own digital storytelling workshops. In the process, we produced over 40 videos, and we posted online all that have been authorized by the authors. We have gone through this process of work with many of you, and we would like to thank you: thanks to the more than 10.000 people who followed us on the EOR platform and our social media.

Thanks to over 2.000 people who downloaded the methodology guide and the toolkit. Thanks to the hundreds of wonderful people of all ages and many different cultures who participated to the workshops and the multiplier events across Europe. Thanks to the ones who is asking us to continue the adventure and to launch new workshops in our territories. The project officially closed on August 31, but our adventure will continue. If you are interested in learning and deepening the application of digital storytelling, if you want to develop workshops in your area, please contact us: all project partners will be happy to
arrange a training with you. On our side, we will continue to post, share and offer the results of our work to foster the diffusione and dissemination of digital storytelling.
Last but not least, a special thank to all the colleagues and partners for the wonderful and amazingly successful learning experience that we shared.