Diciannove counts 10 associated members, plus various indipendent collaborators. It was established in 2005 as an ICT cooperative company focused to support organizations active in social issues, and it is nowadays active in north Italy, providing solutions to health and social department in 3 regional Health Dept. The management of projects both at local, regional and European level is part of the core bussiness as well, together with collaborations for educational and training centres to provide course in management of European project.

Diciannove vision is to match the need of innovative ICT solutions with free and open source software and social purposes. Diciannove recently developed in various social, consulting and management activities. All consulting and management services are certified ISO 9001:2008.

Diciannove is also certified under Family Audit, the Italian standard certification for work-life balance in management and services-provisions.

Diciannove’s mission is to provide, using mainly free software, a dynamic and flexible approach to ICT and social needs, highly customized web solutions, dynamic applications, e-learning, guaranteed data security, very high quality standards.

In order to assure the reach of client’s goal, Diciannove provides the training for personnel intended to use the tools; providing also legal advice with a focus on privacy and information technology.

Since 2007, the company started to design and manage European projects, largely within the Lifelong Learning Programme, with an ever-growing network of partners. It was partner of a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation on the work-life balance. It has been promoter of various Grundtvig Learning Partnership projects as a side-consultant and provider of ICT facilities. Diciannove promote another Grundtvig project which was financed in other MSs, while in Italy it was awarded but not funded.

The diversity and intercultural training are integral parts of Diciannove activities, which are not only product-oriented, but they represent a model of continuous discussion and active enrichment in the management of operational situations, planning and institutional policies, both at local, Italian and European level.

Diciannove Soc. Coop


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