Oldal kiválasztása


Zoe Cooperative was found in 1997 in La Spezia.
Its work concernes the management of La Spezia’s civic museums’ cultural services, by cooperating with the institutions for the planning and the accomplishment of didactic projects addressed to schools and free users.
The experience gained allowed it to carry out educational projects, training activities addressed to teachers and workshops for libraries, schools and municipalities in the province.
Since 2014 it administrates (in cooperation with CoopCulture) the ticket offices and the didactic activity of three municipal museums in Genova.
Since the summer of 2015 it administrates the new info point located in the centre of La Spezia.
The activities it proposes are aimed to the development of historical and environmental (in cooperation with the Environmental Education Center of the Cinque Terre National Park) heirtage and to the disclosure of arts by supporting the idea of gaining knowledge through experience and creativity.