Oldal kiválasztása

Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis

Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis started its activities in adult education eleven years ago and at least 600 students have attended one or more language courses so far. The School offers courses of Greek (for immigrants), English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian languages. The courses are aimed at adults and the students have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the State Language Certificate and to improve their labor qualifications.

The school at the same time is a place where everyone can function as an example of his/her culture, but also as a receiver of elements of other cultures. The students seek to experience the intercultural environment through several activities. Storytelling with stories from around the world, staging performances by foreigners, multicultural cuisine, bazaars of Greek and foreign books, woodcarve and sewing workshops, hiking on the mountains are some of the activities organised by the students and for the students.