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I Dig Stories – A guide to digital storytelling

Workshop and multiplier event in Valsusa

The workshop aims to promote a digital view of digital storytelling, starting from what it truly represents: a wonderful narrative, plastic and flexible instrument, adaptable to different contexts of educational, clinical, didactic and community work.

Telling is a creative, liberating practice, but it can also be challenging, and it can sometimes be daunting. The IDigStories project provides practical guidance, cultural and conceptual references, proposes examples, opens a comparison and learning space to allow you to create your own DST products by inserting them into a context of meaning. During the event will be presented the project as a whole, the tools, some examples of accomplishments. Some participants and collaborators who participated in the construction of the project will attend the event. DST is an open and flexible practice, by means of which many different things can be done and supported! That’s why the meeting wants to open up and address to a large and heterogeneous audience of professional backgrounds and roles.

I Dig Stories – Stories Educational Learning Facilities

Project number: 2015-1-IT02-KA204-015181