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Stories Educational Learning Facilities


Projekt “I dig stories – Stories Educational Learning Facilities” realizowany jest przy wsparciu Komisji Europejskiej oraz włoskiej Narodowej Agencji Indire w ramach programu Erasmus+ Współpraca na rzecz innowacji i dobrych praktyk, Partnerstwa strategiczne w sektorze Edukacja dorosłych.

Opowieści cyfrowe w praktyce


Instrukcja przeprowadzenia warsztatów


Digital Storytelling (DST) refers to a short form of digital film-making that allows participants to share aspects of their life story originating a digital narration on personal, social, intercultural and intergenerational topics. It is a new practice of ordinary people who use digital tools to tell their personal ‘story’ (digital narratives), often producing a in compelling and emotionally engaging formats.


Więcej informacji na temat projektu można uzyskać u polskiego partnera w firmie Danmar Computers

Telling stories to grow

AKTUALNOŚCI Digital storytelling as a tool of knowledge and cohesion We are eager to invite you to the digital storytelling workshop that’s going to take place on the 22nd of June at 4 pm in the Centro Allende in La Spezia. The aim of this workshop is to share...

I Dig Stories – A guide to digital storytelling

AKTUALNOŚCI Workshop and multiplier event in Valsusa The workshop aims to promote a digital view of digital storytelling, starting from what it truly represents: a wonderful narrative, plastic and flexible instrument, adaptable to different contexts of educational,...

Cercatori di storie – workshop and multiplier event in Torino

AKTUALNOŚCI Paolo Brusa, Cristina Testa and Diciannove organized the first multiplier event in Torino to disseminate the results of the project so far. The workshop was intense, creative, fruitful. We want to thank all the participants for their energy, their...




Diciannove Società cooperativa

Diciannove soc Coop

Diciannove counts 10 associated members, plus various indipendent collaborators. It was established in 2005 as an ICT cooperative company focused to support organizations active in social issues, and it is nowadays active in north Italy

Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis

Anthropolis Association

Anthropolis is a public benefit non-profit association, founded in 2002. The organisation intends to strengthen institutional background of education and social and visual anthropological research


Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis

Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis

Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis started its activities in adult education eleven years ago and at least 600 students have attended one or more language courses so far



Zoe Cooperative was found in 1997 in La Spezia. Its work concernes the management of La Spezia’s civic museums’ cultural services, by cooperating with the institutions for the planning and the accomplishment of didactic projects addressed to schools and free users.

Danmar Computers LLC

Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has an extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes.


Liverpool World Centrer

Liverpool World Centre (LWC) exists to make world issues relevant to the lives of young people.